Article written by Jacque Fisher, EVP Managing Director for Maxcess Managed Markets


As information technology systems become more diverse in collecting data and projecting human needs, it appears that a common concern across all healthcare stakeholders is how to use data to improve care effectively. With a rising need to drive population health initiatives, integrated approaches to communication are critical.

At this year’s recent Specialty Pharmacy Summit meeting (ASEMBIA), we spoke with representatives from health systems, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to understand their concerns.

Undoubtedly, the variability of technology platforms prevents ease of integrating data, and there is a common reticence to share patient information between organizations. In fact, several stakeholders noted a shift toward more health systems setting up internal specialty pharmacies, enabling a holistic ownership of data and communications.

While a joint data ownership goes partway, stakeholders noted there is a stronger need to connect the conversations between patients and providers in health systems, and for pharmacy to shore up the coordination of care and understanding of each stakeholder’s challenges.

Where adherence and persistence are big problems in managing disease, some wondered how specialty pharmacy could lead initiatives on best practices, offering a central point of care coordination for patients. Managing the care of patients is most successful when all stakeholders are aligned on communications and can utilize effective technologies to educate, to be informed, and to track outcomes.

While these issues, which affect numerous health systems and plans, are unlikely to resolve overnight, they provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with multiple opportunities to create population health support resources and information that could improve the care coordination and experience for patients. Maximizing efficiency in care and increasing patient access to treatment are critical to successful population health management, fueled by data and technology platforms.

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